WeiWeiZhangWeiwei Zhang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

E-mail: weiwei.zhang at
Office: #3125, Department of Psychology
Lab: #3132, Department of Psychology
Tel: (95I) 827 - 5242 (office) | (95I) 827 - 4839 (lab)
Marcus Cappiello

I am a biophysics graduate from Oregon State University pursuing my PhD in Cognitive Psychology. I hope to apply my background to cognition research, and would like to continue research as a career after graduate school. I am interested in using noninvasive tools to help understand and model systems of the brain. Though I am open to many areas of neuroscience for study, I am particularly interested in the structure of working memory and how models of the self are constructed and regulated in working memory.
Weizhen Xie  (Zane)

I recieved my undergraduate training of Psychology at Renmin University of China (Beijing), Institute of Psychology at Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing), and UC Davis (Davis, CA). I am interested in the interplay between emotion and cognition from a neuroscience-oriented perspective.  I am working on this line of research and pursuing a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology. Besides research, I like swimming, hiking, and hanging out with friends. Now, becoming a "Californian", surfing is always on my to-do-list.
Hyung-Bum Park

I received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Psychology of Cognition and Perception at Chung-Ang University (Seoul). I have studied the characteristics of visual working memory, focusing in particular on its capacity limits and the mechanisms by which working memory interacts with visual attention. My research interests include information processing, decision making, and individual differences arise from a limited capacity of cognitive resource. Now I am here at UCR to continue my research for pursuing a Ph.D. Cooking is the one that I love to do in my free time.
Lilian Azer

As an undergraduate student at UCR, I worked as a research assistant under Weiwei. I fell in love with the field of cognitive psychology, however, I decided to pursue a Master of Arts degree from CSUDH in Clinical Psychology in order to expand my knowledge of working with a clinical population for future research opportunities. I am now, again, working with Weiwei in my pursuit to obtain a Ph.D.. My research interests include a combination of cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology. More specifically, I am interested in aspects of cognitive aging and biological psychopathology in relation to working memory, perception and attention.
Postdoc and visiting scholars
Azra Jahanitabesh

Jooseok Hyun

Xianfeng Ding

JC Lynne Lu Sing

I am a 4th year Neuroscience major at UCR interested in pursuing a career as a Physical Therapist or Physician Assistant. My interests in research include understanding the relationship between stress and short term memory. Long-term memories can be strengthened with emotional attachment, but I am curious to discover if our capacity to remember short-term events in our lives have an effect on our stress levels. Aside from my interests in academia, I enjoy singing, dancing, and hiking.
Nhung Nguyen

As a student, I want to do something that involved more critical thinking, and I found the best way to learn about this world is first to learn about people. I picked psychology as a major with the hope that it would provide me an acquaintance to a myriad of different disciplines and different models of thought. As a psychology major, I inevitably found myself absorbed in the holistic view of human body, on how one part of the brain or events affect one's emotional state and physical state. My goal is to be a doctor, a (neuro) surgeon, I know that medicine involves more than just technology and science, medicine is an art that blended physical treatment with psychological treatment, such as behaviorism and cognitive control. I enjoy planting, photographing, reading, and listening to classical music.
Richard Pham

I believe working as a Research Assistant will grant me a unique learning opportunity to see classroom concepts applied to practical, worldly problems. It will also grant me exposure to working collectively on a common goal among a team of individuals, as well as educating me on proper laboratory techniques. I intend to either pursue a career in dentistry or medicine
Julia Kim

I aim to pursue a career in
clinical psychology specializing in treating psychopathy in adults.
Along with clinical practice, I plan to dabble in research, studying
the correlation between personality disorders and trauma. My goal is
to have my own private practice or work in a hospital setting while
dedicating the rest of my free time researching on the side. As a
result, I plan to apply to graduate school to further develop my
assets and become more involved in the field of psychology.
Allyson Brousseau

As a Anthropology major, I am interested in the evolution of the human brain. Originally a Psychology major, I knew that switching my major to Anthropology would open up my mind to the different aspect about human origins, letting me explore the way the brain has grown and changed over the millions of years. The brain has always been my favorite organ of the body and is something I'd love to spend my life researching about. After earning my Bachelors at UCR, I plan on attending graduate school to obtain my PhD. I would like to pursue a career in academia and research. My favorite hobbies include hiking, going to the beach, and napping.
Pa Kou Chang

I am interested in cognition and memory aspect in psychology, This is because I been to a few counseling sessions at the counseling center at UCR and therefore, became more intrigued on how the counselor was able to change my perspectives and ideas just by asking a few questions that brought back hidden memories that I buried deep inside my subconscious mind. I hope to get into a psychology career that either involves treatment of psychological disorders so I can help families like myself, who needs treatment and help. I also want to get involve in business because I am passionate to bring out my creativity in which may change the world for the better because I am able to understand what people want to buy as well as use in their daily life.
Julieanne Ong

I will be entering my third year as a Psychology and Pre-Med student at UCR, with strong hopes and aspirations to become a psychiatrist one day. My particular interest is the application of cognitive psychology on the mental health population. Besides school-related activities, I love to seek new experiences, learn different skills, and push my abilities. During my free time, I enjoy jogging my creativity and imagination by writing and playing musical instruments.
Miriam Rizk

I am a third year Psychology student at UCR. My research interests include how cognition changes the way each person views the world. As for career plans, I am interested in pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology, or a Masters in Child Psychology, in hopes of one day becoming a therapist. I would like to be able to help those who are are having problems that they feel like are weighing down their lives.
Hanna Boparai

I am a third year psychology major and pre-med student at UCR. I am interested in cognitive and clinical psychology. After earning my Bachelor’s degree, I plan on getting my M.D. and specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. I want to incorporate more cognitive psychology in the treatment of brain injury patients. In my free time, I enjoy going to Disneyland, hanging out with friends, and taking photos.
Debora Handojo

I am a second year Psychology major attending UCR. My primary research interests are in the clinical, cognitive, and developmental fields of psychology and neuroscience. In the future I plan to continue towards graduate school in order to obtain a Psy.D. Ultimately, I would like to work in a hospital environment as a clinical psychologist. In the meantime, I engage in activities such as band, art, and volunteering within the local community.
Aaron Koay

I am beginning my second year as a psychology major at UCR. After my bachelor's degree, I plan to go to graduate school for sports psychology. My end career goal is to be a sports psychologist working with Olympic athletes. Research is interesting to me because I need to know where and how the knowledge and techniques that i will be using are studied to be effective or not. Knowing how research is conducted will only strengthen my eventual counselling practice.
Jennifer Thornton

Anisha Dhaliwal

Walena Logan

Elizabeth Ramos

Miranda Arciaga
Fabiola Ortiz

Sarah Allec

Uttara Suresh
Edward Hsi

Irving Muglia-Arias

Jasmine Singh

Tiffany Su

Jennifer Nesta

Kristie Pan

Daniel Yim

Kristiana Rendon

Alexandra Clark

Victor Ha

Nicole Berg

Jessica Tarango

Adrian Pardo

Jonathan Caplan

Ana Martinez-Flores

Allan Vazquez

Andrea Veron