Newly Minted PhD: Dr. Lilian Azer

Congratulations to Dr. Azer!

Lilian graduated from UCR  with a BA in 2014  and then a MA in clinical psychology from CalState in 2017. After this brief detour, for lack of a better word, Lilian came back and joined our CCN program as a PhD student.

Lilian’s research focuses on the impacts of various health-related factors on cognition and has been supported by two NIH grants and a UC grant. She has produced  4 publications and received various awards and fellowships including the Dissertation Year Program Award from UCR, Mentoring and Career Development Award, summer DC policy internship, and a travel grant from Gerontological Society of America, and  Elsevier/Vision Research Travel award from VSS.

Dr. Azer will be starting her postdoc training at UC Irvine in Stark lab.

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